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This is a specialty online music store where you will find everything from online vocal tuition classes to all kinds of musical instruments such as custom guitars, basses, top name keyboards along with traditional instruments from the wind, brass, string and percussion sectors. You will also find home studio recording gear, PA equipment and all the appropriate accessories.

We have many, many years of professional and end-user experience to draw from. This is a really valuable resource for you to tap into. If you take a look around you'll soon realize that we have very competitive prices and expert knowledge that will keep you from making expensive mistakes.

We offer service for most brands of musical instruments, sound and recording equipment, and accessories. We offer every day savings on accessories such as guitar and bass strings, no quantity required. Drum sticks and skins and other hardware are also on offer as well as just about any musical and recording aid you can think of.

We get information on used gear as well, but you'll have to be quick because it comes and goes really fast so you need to keep checking.

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Learn to Sing

If you are just starting out on your musical journey and you need to get yourself some singing lessons, look online and you'll find plenty! Check the category titles in the navigation column on the right for all the info on vocal tuition classes that are available online. You can also learn a lot by visiting Web Music Star where a lot of vocal and instrumental training and technique are discussed.

Of course, it's not just singing that people want to learn when they start out wanting to play in a band or go out and do solo gigs. Playing an instrument is a must do thing, while playing it at a professional level is similarly super important (that is if you want to get asked back after your first gig!)

Learn to Play Guitar

Most budding musicians that have a hankering to play in a band start off by playing guitar. It's fairly easy and straight forward to learn as long as you have a reasonable amount of hand to hand coordination and you have a good ear for a tune.

Again, if you intend playing guitar in a gigging band, you are going to need to be able to play at a pro level. So taking a course of online guitar lessons is the way to get there, unless of course you have very deep pockets and cam afford to pay a private guitar coach for one-on-one tuition.

Learning Other Musical Instruments

Playing in a band means there are other choices of instrument you could go for, such as the bass guitar, keyboards or drums which are generally the most popular choices. But you could branch out and learn to play the saxophone or a brass instrument and get yourself into a horn section, which are not so easy to come by meaning you can earn some good money from it!

Alternatively, you could decide you want to play in a different kind of band to the mainstream pop or rock genre. There are plenty to choose from that can mean a nice gigging potential since there are not so many bands of that type clamouring for the available gigs in bars and clubs.

Rockabilly is popular and this kind of band often requires a double bass player to make the line-up authentic. Country and Western is of course huge, so aside from the instruments mentioned above, you could learn the pedal steel guitar and join a gigging, money making C&W outfit.

Then there is the massive genre of jazz where more diverse instrument players get a chance to perform. Clarinet, bassoon and even oboe players can find a niche in jazz, while percussionists, acoustic pianists, trumpet players and flautists can all shine in this amazing musical style and there are lessons out there online for all of these if you know where to look.

That's where we come in! We have links to some of the top online musical tuition for all types of instruments that come highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn. Check us out and see for yourself!