Musical Instruments

The mainstay of the world of music is the instruments that musicians play, how they play them and the quality of the sound they create with them. Listening to a fine musician play a beautiful instrument is an exquisite experience that is to be savoured and enjoyed for what it is.

This section of the site looks at these tools of the musical trade and puts the reader in touch with the online resources that can provide a place to buy them at a price that is both affordable and reasonable while providing good value in exchange. While not all instruments can be bought without first picking them up and playing them to get a feel for them, many actually can.

Buying Into the Musical Dream

Whatever type of music you wish to play, there is an instrument best suited for its expression by the individual and also by a group of players who come together and combine their skills, know-how and creativity to make magic happen. It doesn't necessarily need to be from a popular kind of band, either.

Some amazing sounds can come from a small group of players with classical pieces or combinations of different orchestral instruments from woodwind to brass, to strings and percussion. It can happen on a stage in front of a paying audience, in the corner of a bar or even in the street by buskers.

The main thing that all true musicians have in common is that they have settled on a certain kind of instrument and have practised and worked hard to master it to the point where they can produce amazing music on it either solo or with other players. But before any of that can happen, they had to have obtained their prize possession from somewhere.

Where to Buy

Again, if I were looking to buy a new guitar, I would definitely have to go to a store and physically hold and play it to know if I wanted it. That's because you can have two identical guitars of the same brand and model, same price and made in the same factory but they can play slightly differently.

Being an experience guitarist, I would know which one I preferred for whatever reason by sitting down and playing them at some length. The reasons would be personal and would be dictated by several factors, such as:

OK, those points can be very personal and even spiritual to a point if you believe in such things, which I also do to a point. I mean, a guitar will not only feel just right, but will actually speak to me at a subconscious level that I may not even be aware of consciously but I will sort of know it's "the one" for me.

But that's guitars. If you play, say the saxophone, the same things apply depending on your level of expertise and experience. Often, especially for the lower price end of saxes, you can buy online and get a great deal and still end up with a good sax. But a pro would want to play it first before deciding.

Electronic Music

However, for electronic music makers such as keyboards, synths, drum machines and the like, you can be pretty sure that if there were ten of them in a store of the same make and model, each one would play exactly like every other one! That's because these things are not made to be played in the same way ie with a certain amount of human "feel" as say a guitar or a violin for example.

Keyboards are a genre apart from the mainstay of orchestral or traditional instruments because of this fact and can therefore be bought unseen on the strength of a set of great reviews and the buyer can be pretty well assured they will get what they expect. Plus there are a lot of accessories that come with keyboards and synths that can also be happily bought online without needing to physically see or handle them first.


Here is one area where buying online can save a lot of money as well as time and effort in sourcing certain extras for your needs. Guitars and basses need decent quality strings that are generally cheaper to buy online.

Woodwind players need clarinet and saxophone reeds for example while percussionists and drummers need sticks, brushes, drum pads and other hardware extras to build out their kits. These can all be purchased online at a discounted price over brick and mortar stores.

Often these very stores will have a website presence and sell their stuff cheaper to keep their cash flow in a healthy state. It is for buyers of the kinds of item that these online stores provide that this section of the site can help by recommending and providing direct links to the pages of store websites that offer the best deals.


Below you will find a selection of reviews of certain instruments and resources for finding them and the accessories that come with them. Check them out and see if you can't get a great deal from an Internet store you might never have considered otherwise!