A quality guitar is a beautifully crafted and well honed instrument played by accomplished musicians in all genres. If you own one that you truly revere, you are a true guitarist! This section of the website covers them in more detail as well as providing some resources for purchasing instruments and their many accessories online.

If you can already play, that's great but I can tell you from experience, you never stop learning! If you can't but you want to, then go right ahead and learn to play one! This section covers them in more detail.

Buying a Guitar for Yourself

If you're looking for that special instrument, I won't lie to you here. You have to go out to real stores and try them for yourself.

  1. You are an individual and your playing style is yours and yours alone. The perfect instrument for you may not be the perfect one for another player, so you must pick up and play one before you buy or you could end up with one that is not quite right for you.
  2. You need to get the feel for an instrument and you can only do that by physically playing it! Only then will you know if it feels just right or not.
  3. You also need to know how an instrument sounds when you play it (not when someone else plays the exact same one). Your style will have an influence on that sound so play one and listen to what you can hear!
  4. Music is more than just a physical experience. It is also a spiritual experience and when you create music by playing, you generate a certain effect on a spiritual level. Only by physically playing an instrument can you experience that spiritual ambiance that you create with it. When it's right, you have the right instrument for you.

It's not really until you get to a high level of playing skill that you are going to be able to even pick the right guitar for yourself. So the points above really apply to the long term passion player and with some decent level of expertise.

Beginner and Novice Level Players

But if you're buying a starter six-string for a child or a beginner who hasn't really decided if they are going to make this instrument their life-long passion, you are probably better off buying a less expensive model online. In that case, I'm putting up a bunch of review type articles that cover the lower end of the price scale that can be bought online.

And you're going to be pretty sure of getting a reasonable quality instrument for your money that will be perfectly acceptable for anyone at the beginner level and beyond. Many modern factory-built guitars tend to come with identical specs and play pretty much the same, so you'd be pretty unlucky to get a bad one when you stick with recommended brands and models.

I'll be adding several pages to this section covering areas like playing, buying and learning things that are cool to do on this most magnificent of musical instruments! Stay tuned for updates!

Further Reading and Resource Pages on Guitars

Below you will find a selection of informational articles as well as product reviews of guitars and resources for finding the best of the bunch plus accessories that you will also need. Check them out to see what kind of deals there are available from Internet stores you may not have otherwise considered!